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About us

The Joint is a new Greek concept of fast casual dining, established in 2017. We are located in the bustling location of midtown Manhattan of New York City. Our goal is to offer the most authentic and the most unique Greek flavors you have ever tasted with a modern twist.

In Greece, eating is an everyday part of life and part of the Greek culture. It´s a food culture that is fast and delicious. We want to bring the same warm and inviting environment that you can find in every joint in Athens here to our big city of New York.

Our mission is to introduce and offer real Greek food to the fast paced New Yorkers, prepared exactly as you would eat it in Greece. Our menu consists of ingredients imported daily from Greece and all our meats are antibiotic free and grass fed from local purveyors.

At The Joint we specialize in cooking our slowly in our vertical rotisseries. Try our signature Club and our specialty Joint fries. You will also find unique Greek flavors of ice cream and our traditional Greek yogurt recipe with delicious toppings.

We live and breathe with the expression “Eat – Eat Greek”. So come and join us and live The Joint experience

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